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Alpine XC Adventure 2015

We have been running this trip for 7years and it has been a huge success.  Pilots often comment that it is "easily(!) the best trip ever!!"  Pilots also like our "hands-on approach" and "learn huge amounts about XC mountain flying".  Our flexibility ("safari-style") means that we rarely lose flying days and we always  score more flying than anyone anywhere in France!  Due to popular demand we will be back for more untold XC Adventures in Summer 2015. Don't miss out on an adventure of a lifetime.  Book early to avoid disappointment.  In 2015 we're out to make it even better than ever! 


If you dream of landing-out after a full day’s XC flying, sleeping under the stars and finding new take-offs to continue your journey the next day, then this trip could be what you’re looking for.  This is “vol-bivouac”.  Passion Paragliding has added a touch of class

   ...because we know you’d really prefer a hot shower at the end of the day;
   ...because we know you’d like a decent meal;
   ...because we know you’d prefer to be driven to launch;
   ...because we know you want the freedom to find alternative sites;
   ...because we know you want a second chance if you bomb out;
   ...because we know you want a warm bed at night;

....................we’ve added all these ingredients and more, leaving you to concentrate on the flying.

XC adventure enthusiasts, welcome aboard the..

Alpine XC Adventure !!


The Challenge

Starting in the alps of Southern France, our express aim will be to fly as far as we can each day and everyday to reach Annecy or even Chamonix by the end of the week.  However far you fly, you will be retrieved and we’ll all meet up together at the end of the flying day to share stories and make plans for the next day.  We will also be taking the reverse route starting in the Northern Alps and flying through the French Alps to the Mediterranean.

Safari Style

One big advantage of our unique and flexible “Safari-style” approach to flying is that we are never tied to a single location.  The Southern and Northern Alps often experience contrasting weather patterns.  We therefore have the unique privilege of being able to pick where we want to be when.  If for example, the Northern Alps experience a few days of weather that renders flying less than favourable, we can easily retire to the south.  Although our route north might have to be postponed, we know you want to fly and we’ll do everything we can within the confines of safety to have you flying.  That is our priority!



Guiding comes in many forms, from the simple (“There’s the take-off. Hope to see you later!”), through to the superior air-to-air radio-assisted guiding.  Whilst we believe there is room for most types of guiding, at Passion we aim to give you the highest quality service.  We know the flying sites and understand the flying conditions intricately.  Guiding will include full site briefings and task-focussed flight plans to suit every ability level.  We will be in the air with you to give you tips and pointers to help you maximise your flying experience and keep you up in the air for as long as possible, and of course a full retrieval service however far you go!

Your Alpine Adventure will be fully supported by a top fly-guide with unrivalled paragliding and mountain experience of the French Alps. Toby Colombé is a World Distance Record Holder and passionate about sharing his love of paragliding with clients.  We will also be fully supported by a dedicated retrieve driver complete with TOM TOM GPS.  All you do is text your location and before you know it we'll be there to pick you up.  We limit places to only 7 pilots so you'll get plenty of attention and looking after.

XC Flying Ability

Whilst pilots joining this trip should ideally already have some mountain thermalling and XC experience, you don't need to be a sky-god.  Each day, time permitting, we will be also be discussing advanced topics pertinent to XC mountain flying.  Likely topics for discussion will depend in large part on the ability level of the group and might include the following:  Revision of XC and Mountain Flying Basics, Wing Control in Active Air, Understanding Mountain Aerology, Transitions, Advanced Thermalling Techniques and XC Tactics and Strategy.

Whilst we encourage each and every pilot to progress at their own pace and fly only in conditions that they understand and are comfortable with, we are confident that most pilots will learn a great deal from this week.  Whether or not you aim to achieve back-to-back 100km mountain flights, or would be excited by a new XC challenge everyday, this trip will offer you unrivalled opportunities to fly new sites, new mountains and experience the true spirit of XC adventure flying.  Most importantly, whatever your XC experience to date, we're very excited:  We know this trip has the potential to be the most fun and exciting paragliding holiday ever.

Daily Routine

We will be free to take each day as it comes, but here’s an example of what to expect:

  • 9:00am            Detailed morning weather briefing.
  • 9:30am            Lunch shop.
  • 10:00am          Drive to flying site.
  • 11:00am          Site briefing and detailed route planning session.
  • 12:00am          Lunch 
  • 1:00pm            XC flying
  • Afternoon         Potential second chance flight from same site or alternative site.
  • Afternoon         Retrieves.
  • 6:00pm            Check in to local hostel.
  • 7:00pm            Day debrief and photos.  Plan for next day.
  • 8:00pm            Evening meal in local restaurant.

Although most days will see us going for one large flight, as we all know, our sport is very weather dependent.  We are nothing if not flexible.  Remember to pack your sense of adventure; timings are likely to vary from day to day.  For example Day 4 might include: Take-off from St Hilaire at 12noon, with pilots flying 30km and landing out allowing time to also take-off Verel 4pm with the aim of flying to Annecy so potentially two XC flights.


Flying Sites

Here’s an example of some of the sites we plan to be using en route:

  • Gourdon
  • Greolieres
  • St. Andre
  • Laragne
  • St Vincent Les Forts
  • St Hilaire
  • Montlambert
  • Bissane
  • Verel Pragondran
  • Semnoz
  • Plan fait
  • Col de la Forclaz
  • Le Grand Bornand
  • Chamonix

This represents just a sample of the sites we are likely to be using.  Therefore, expect to be using other sites depending on weather conditions and where we end up!!

Alternative Activities

Should we suffer un-flyable weather we will help organise alternative activities.  Because of our revolutionary safari-style approach, we believe you will have a higher chance of flying with us than any other operator.   However, as we all know, paragliding is a weather-dependent sport, so if we can’t fly safely, we’ll help you arrange alternative activities, for example, climbing, swimming, walking, mountain-biking, or even white-water rafting!?


In keeping with our philosophy of "the best destinations at the best time of year", we operate this trip at the best time to fly XC in the French Alps: We also set a maximum pilot number of 7 pilots per week to give you the best service.

          Alpine XC Adventure 2015          Sun  07 June - Sun 14 June (starts Geneva, ends Nice)


Price for the week is £525 and includes:

  • Airport transfer (Nice and Geneva)
  • Transport between flying sites and all retrieves.
  • Full air-to-air guiding and coaching service.



Accommodation and Meals

Accommodation, meals, flights and insurance are not included.  We will use local hostel-style accommodations costing on average £25 to £30 per night.  Please remember that accommodation styles can vary depending on the part of France and quality.  We will normally be eating out in local restaurants for about £10 per night. (Rural France is not only cheaper than the UK, it tastes better too!)

Pilots preferring to use their own vehicle will qualify for a reduction (please ask for details).

Flights: Adventure 1

  • Arrive at Geneva International Airport on first day of adventure (transfer to Annecy about an hour).  Please book flights to arrive by lunch-time.
  • Depart from Nice Airport (Multitude of International operators).  Transfer to Nice airport will be in the morning of the last day of the Adventure.

Flights: Adventure 2

  • Arrive at Nice Airport on first day of adventure (transfer to Gourdon about an hour).  Please book flights to arrive by lunch-time.
  • Depart from Geneva International Airport (approximately 1 hour from Annecy) (Multitude of International operators).  Transfer to Geneva airport will be in the morning of the last day of the Adventure.

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