Ager is a huge success every year and pilots often report personal best distance flights.  For great XC flying we operate here in the Spring and Autumn.

Trip Highlights

  • XC Flying & Top quality guiding

    For pure cross country spirit Ager is hard to beat!  For late summer 2024 flying season head to the sunny side of the Pyrenees.   We use a very high staff to client ratio and our guides have more guiding experience here than any other operator.

  • Reliable Flying

    Ager is one of the most reliable flying venues in which we operate.   You are guaranteed sunshine! (Statistically the Ager valley suffers less than 2 days of precipitation per month.  On previous trips over the last 15 years we have always averaged 6 days flying per week!

  • Relaxed & Easy

    You stay in neat wooden bungalows located right next to the main landing area, which also boasts a restaurant and swimming pool.  Our Ager trip is the perfect way to extend your summer this year