Atlas Friends

  • Helping Rural Communities

    Our aim is to initiate and support charitable projects in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, in particular the area around Aguergour.

Atlas Friends was set-up in 2006 by Passion Paragliding. It is funded through the generous donations of visiting pilots. Although small, our projects have made a lasting impact on how the paragliding community is received.  More importantly have made a tangible and positive difference to local communities.

Almost all Passion Paragliding clients have given generously to support local needs and suggested ways in which we could help the locals. All funds raised go directly to charitable projects. We incur no administrative or staff costs and much of the labour is done on a voluntary basis.

In much of the Atlas Mountains household incomes average about £6 per day so basic equipment for schooling understandably comes pretty low down the list. Our contributions have always been very gratefully received by local children and their parents. In 2008, the King of Morocco announced that he would be providing children in rural Morocco with exercise books free of charge. We have therefore found other ways in which to help…

More than £1,000 raised for a two local schools:

  1. The village of Tifrowene: painting school classroom.
  2. A toilet block for the school at Wizeln.

Significant contributions to the family of Ahousa (aka “Rock man” well known and well-loved on Aguergour launch). Ahousa’s fatal motorbike accident whilst travelling between the site of Aguergouer and his home left his family in dire need.

Contribution of 10,000 Dirhams (about £900) to the Community of Lalla Takerkoust and surrounding villages. Our contribution amounted to over 20% of the total paid for 3 days of medical tests (mainly eye tests) for local inhabitants (a project involving a team of 50 people (including 8 doctors from Casablanca).

We’re looking forward to contributing to deserving local needs in 2016.