Indian Himalayas 2023

It doesn’t get any better than this!  This venue is massive!

The Indian Himalayas around Bir are without doubt one of the easiest places on the planet to score big XC flights.

After flying the Indian Himalayas nowhere will ever again seem as big, as colourful, or as exotic.  You’ve been warned!

Trip Highlights

  • Live and breathe paragliding

    Big distance mountain flying has never been easier.  If you’re after 100km (or more) you can expect it here.  In fact you can expect it day after day: day after day of big thermals, long glides, and outrageous mountain scenery.

  • Exotic Adventure

    You’ll be staying in the centre of a Tibetan colony, surrounded by chanting monks, rice paddies and tea fields.  You’ll also have the opportunity to camp-out under the stars on the mountain.  This is a trip to remember.

  • Most reliable flying weather

    Very reliable.  You can fully expect EVERYDAY to be flyable out here.  Fly fly fly!