our philosophy

When it comes to running trips our philosophy is as simple as it is important:

  • Your safety  –  This is top of our list.  We love sharing our knowledge and expertise to help keep you safe.
  • Your enjoyment – We want you to rave about your trip for years to come!
  • Your learning – This is particularly important for those joining us on a paragliding course.  We recognise that everyone learns in different ways and at different rates and use bespoke teaching methodologies to help you develop your skills. Of course you might be just joining us for a relaxing holiday and that’s fine too.

and some more about safety

We love having fun, but our priority is your safety.  Most safety decisions come down to a healthy respect for the weather. Thereafter, knowledge of the local environment and of course pilot skill are important components of the safety equation. We are there to share our weather knowledge, and help our customers make safe decisions. Whilst accidents on our trips are extremely rare, we are keen to maintain our reputation

If you consider yourself a “gung-ho” pilot you are probably not a good match for Passion Paragliding. We all have “development points” to work on and we’re certainly here to be of assistance where we can, but you must recognise that safety comes first. We want you to go home happy!

Paragliding Holiday
Passion Holiday SIV

If you love paragliding, meeting people, having fun, collecting memories: that feeling of being alive, you’ll love flying with PASSION!